Seattle Art Book Fair


Makeready Library

Browse videos and media from the three-weekend event below! Full details of each event are on the homepage.

Week 1

Before a Book

Everything that happens as a book project is conceived. What inspires artists/designers to use this form? What about the form of the book lends itself to artistic and experimental expression? And for those new to the field, where should they look for inspiration and what do they need to get started?

May 14 / Conversation

Jeffrey Cheatham II, Chris Moody, Ingrid Schindall, and Meshell Sturgis

May 15 / Studio Visit

Paper Press Punch

May 15 / Studio Visit

ZAPP Zine Collection

May 15 / Studio Visit

Cynthia Sears Artist’s Books Collection

May 15 / Studio Visit

Brick Press

Week 2

Making a Book

The book-in-progress. What are the physical differences between a book, a zine, or a book-like thing? How do type and layout shape the way a publication is understood? When does format and material become as much content as text and image?

May 21 / Conversation

Robert Baxter, Jakelen Diaz, Mimi Jaffe, Rain Sissel, Lucas Reif, and Austin White

May 22 / Studio Visit

Cold Cube Press

May 22 / Studio Visit

Division of Design, UW

May 22 / Studio Visit

Polymode Studio

Week 3

After a Book

How a book gets into the world. What are different methods for printing and binding a publication? What is the role of a publisher? How do artistic and experimental publications find their audiences?

May 28 / Conversation

Colleen Louise Barry, Sharon Blake, Hannah Pierce, and Paul Shortt

May 29 / Studio Visit


May 29 / Studio Visit

Marquand Editions and Paper Hammer Studios

May 29 / Studio Visit

Partners in Print

May 29 / Studio Visit

Cornish College of the Arts / Books Arts