2024 Exhibitors

Seattle Art Book Fair will host the following local, national, and international artists, designers, and organizations.

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Photo courtesy Florence Liu

51 Personae
Shanghai, China
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51 Personae is a collaborative art project, publishing initiative, and cooperative platform. It started as a Shanghai Biennale off-site program, composed of 51 events in urban Shanghai based on...

A is A
A is A was founded by Jemimah Barba and Vicente Velázquez III in 2018 out of a necessity and desire to design, archive, tell stories, and further creative work rooted in Central California. Since then,...

afterhours is a comfy open space for creative practice, play, experimentation and making. I am a designer/artist that produces work in the form of zines, photography, collage and printmaking. Currently making in the Printshop of Common Area Maintenance (CAM) in Seattle, WA.

Alder & Frankia / Impractical Labor (ILSSA)
Bridgeport, CT
Alder & Frankia (est. 2016 by Emily Larned)publishes new collaborations and reissues from feminist archives, ranging from RISO and letterpress printed ephemera to handmade hardcover books. Impractical Labor (ILSSA, est. 2008 by Emily and Bridget Elmer) is a union for...

Riverside RI
Amalgam is an irregular journal that explores the intersection of typography, language, and power organized around thematic propositions.

ANEMONE is a collaboration between Amelia Greenhall and Adam Greenhall, working on printmaking, research, design, and other projects. We publish art books, zines, maps, and pamphlets, and we like to risograph print and bind our books ourselves. We also...

Are Not Books & Publications
Temple, Texas
Are Not Books is a micropublisher specializing in books and zines by artists and designers.

San Jose, CA
Arom Ju is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seoul and the Bay Area, working across the fields of illustration, self-publishing, animation, and painting. She continually explores different media, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling within her themes of interest.

Awkward Ladies Club
Alameda, California
Amy Burek is an Oakland-based artist whose work explores how science and technology have shaped the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. Her publishing project Awkward Ladies Club focuses on...

Bad Student / Future Fellow
Queens, NY
Future Fellow is Bad Student Press' creative and publishing studio operating in New York and Manila, Philippines. Our independent publishing started with Bad Student being the first risograph press in the Philippines, bringing Filipino artists' works to art book fairs around the world.

Leobardo Bañuelos Jr
Self publisher.

Robert Baxter + Co.
Robert Baxter is an artist/writer who: (1) publishes artwork, essays, and research from friends/collaborators, (2) teaches as a “public academic," and (3) supports community print spaces as an organizer and technician!

Benschop Books
Denver, Colorado
Benschop Books publishes photography books and zines. Vera Benschop is the designer and publisher, and presents a mix of self published and artist collaborative works. The books are short run and handmade, often with a twist on traditional book binding.

Portland, OR
Berm is a contemporary arts magazine that publishes and self-distributes two issues per year. We have a mission to pay artists and writers a fair wage to create new work and primarily focus on contributors who live or work around the West Coast.

Adelaide Blair
I am an artist publisher in Seattle and have been making books/zines/comics since 1986.

Brooklyn, NY
Best Kept Secret is a multimedia project focused on preserving and sharing the Filipino-American experience. It encompasses small publications, a podcast, and a digital archive— all dedicated to capturing the stories and cultural nuances of our community....

Boston, MA
Body&Forma is a collaborative design house that publishes books, zines, and typographic prints and hosts performative workshops. Their work focuses on research, writing, and...

Bored Wolves
Kraków, Poland
Bored Wolves is an independent publisher run by Stefan Lorenzutti and Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti, based in Kraków and the Polish Highlands. We are dedicated to publishing artist’s books, poet’s books, zines, and comix, with many of our books blending and overlapping these categories. Working with authors, artists, and graphic designers across borders (sixteen countries) and languages, mediums and disciplines, we are committed to the individuality of each title and curious about the patterns and echoes that emerge between them.

Portland, Oregon
Broccoli is a publisher of unusual delights. We make an array of niche magazines and artful books, and we collaborate with artists to publish collections of their works. We adore print and approach all of our subject matter with playfulness and curiosity.

The Cauldron Press
Oklahoma City, OK
Our work is centered around Oklahoma, sports, and pop culture. It is satirical in nature.

Chin Music Press
Indie publisher specializing in well-made and artfully designed books

Cold Cube Press
Cold Cube is a risograph press and publishing company that started in 2015 in Seattle Washington. We have worked with artists all over the world and put out 6 anthologies that feature award winning illustration, comic and mixed media artists.

The Corners of Their Mouth Press
We are a two-person team who focuses on art- and research-focused zines about queerness, food, nature, and Midwestern ephemera. Elan Clement Robinson is an artist who focuses on graphic design, risograph printing, copper-plate etching, and comics. They have ...

Cornish College of the Arts, Design Department
Students and Faculty would like to share their interest and fascination with the world of printed publications. We are bringing to the table—quite literally—the results of the past year and a half of explorations with...

Crackling.Co is the creative practice of partners Ravleen Kaur and Akshay Shah. Ravleen, a visual designer, and Akshay, a software engineer with a flair for creativity, collaborate to produce photozines that combine their photography with creative writing.

Crow Design Studio
Independent Graphic Design based in Seattle. Specializing in print, Illustration and Conceptualization. Projects derived from rabbit hole inspired journeys and repurposed educational topics.

Curious Publishing
Upland, CA
Grassroots, BIPOC + Womxn founded in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Curious Publishing is Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization, and is 100% artist owned and operated since 2017. We tell the stories of artists of all practices who reside throughout San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and the High Desert Communities through one of a kind, small-run artbooks designed and printed in Southern California. We aim to celebrate the rich diaspora of Inland Empire, Womxn, BIPOC and Queer Artists first and foremost.

Current Editions
Emeryville, CA
Current Editions (Emeryville, CA) celebrates micro histories, niche cultural expressions, and public discourse. An artist-run press formed by Jessalyn Aaland and Paul Morgan in 2017, our publications range from...

D.R.Y. (Daniel Zhou, Raul Higuera, Yasmeen Abedifard)
SF Bay Area, CA
D.R.Y. comprises Daniel Zhou, Raul Higuera, and Yasmeen Abedifard, all Bay Area-based comic artists. They make comics, books, screen & riso prints, handmade apparel, and plenty of mistakes. D.R.Y. is aimed at fostering community and highlighting the Bay Area comics scene.

Ediciones Concordia Mx
Querétaro, Mexico
Ediciones Concordia Mx is an independent screen printed art book press run by Mexican artists LD Morán and Nando Murio. We started working together in 2019, focusing on the unlimited possibilities of...

We are a coworking space for book artists, letterpress printers, printmakers, and writers.

Errant Press
Los Angeles, CA
Errant Press is an independent effort to create, print, bound, and distribute books that challenge the traditional book forms and reading dynamics. It's run by Mexican artists Alan Sobrino and Tania Chaidez, currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Vancouver, BC
Artist book publisher, non-profit.

Gelkheht (Yewon Kwon & Benjamin Kraco)
My partner and I publish books together under the name GELKHEHT. Our collaborative projects are usually an exploration of the intersection of experimental sound and publication. We also both publish our own work independently, utilizing...

Mara Gervais
Davis, CA
I self-publish zines - perzines, art zines, photozines

Girl Noise Press
Girl Noise Press is an independent publishing house born out of bedroom culture. That place where you feel safest to make your loudest, weirdest art. ...

Goopy Girls
Goopy Girls is a creative studio based in Seattle, WA made from the minds of Kayley Sonheim and Elise Glaser. The Goopy Girls are excited to release their first full-size magazine, Goopy Mag. Goopy Mag is a printed publication centered around...

San Diego, CA
G.U.P.I. (Guilt Until Proven Innocent) is an independent publishing project for mass producing 🏴 circulating 🏴 thinking about 🏴 empire through a pirate feminist 'n bootleg, research-driven practice.

Jason Hendardy
Jason Hendardy is a first-generation American photographic artist born in the San Francisco Bay Area, currently residing in Seattle, WA. His visual work is characterized as existential and subjective documentary, featuring layered narratives that often delve into...

Historical Seditions
We write and produce original zines mostly centered on the topic of radical history, as well as reproduce and hand fold and staple an open library of around 100 titles from other creators.

michelle ho
Brooklyn, NY
I am a book artist based in Brooklyn, whose work deals with reflection and documentation of the self. Through my artists’ books, I observe different aspects of myself like my body, obsession, and doubts to better understand the self and become whole. My recent works are...

Brooklyn, NY
"Created by Brooklyn artist J. Morrison in 2010, HOMOCATS is an annual zine publication connecting the modern popularity of the feline with social politics....

horse gurl press
Eugene, OR
horse gurl press is a queer zine press run by Chris Moody who has been making zines for over 10 years. Full of vivid imagery, found ephemera, recycled papers & inks, and perspectives from nature and the often unseen; each zine has a uniqueness to it that makes...

ilfant press
Tacoma, WA
Lisa Hasegawa has been creating artist's books and prints under the imprint of ilfant press since 2000. Lisa is a proud print nerd who enjoys combining various media in her work, primarily experimental letterpress printing, along with sewing, typewriter, and...

Insert Press
Los Angeles, CA
Based in Los Angeles, CA, Insert Press is dedicated to producing innovative art and literature, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, and uplifting emerging talents in contemporary arts and letters. Insert Press General Projects, a small gallery in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood primarily exhibits...

Issue Press
Grand Rapids, MI
Issue Press is a tiny publisher and Risograph print shop operated by George Wietor in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since 2011, it has worked with an elastic mandate to publish captivating works by artists of all mediums that trade in humor, history, and exploration of place....

Keep On! Creative
Vancouver, BC
I have two approaches when it comes to my work. Under my “Visualize” brand, I apply my tagline “empathy through experience” to create an art book which I hand-printed and bound. It’s experiential to help the audience understand the lived experience with ADHD. To reinforce these ideas I put augmented reality within...

Late Night Copies Press
Minneapolis, MN
Late Night Copies Press is a queer and trans run micro press based in Minneapolis, MN. We publish non-fiction, erotica, and informal research-based writing with an emphasis on regional queer and trans history, community libraries, community archives, queer archival collections, queer textiles, and queer artists. Our publications appear in zine and pamphlet formats, and are...

Living Room Press
Living Room Press is a Risograph press that focuses on publishing comic and more from the Pacific Northwest.

Mirrored Society Books
Los Angeles, CA
Founded in 2015, Mirrored Society is an independent online bookshop currently owned, operated, and headquartered in a small suburb of Los Angeles County by photographer Julian Lucas. Mirrored Society showcases contemporary photography projects which explore...

Moniker Press
Vancouver, BC
Moniker Press is a small risograph print studio and publishing project in Vancouver, BC that works collaboratively with artists to produce small editions of books, zines and print ephemera.

Monograph Bookwerks
Portland, OR
Established in 2010, Monograph Bookwerks is an art, object and ephemera bookstore based in Portland, Oregon focusing on contemporary art and artists, design, architecture, the avant-garde, archives, visual culture, punk, social & political activism, and counterculture and related materials primarily from the 1960s to the present day.

Anna Moore
Port Townsend, WA
Anna Moore is a graphic designer, illustrator, and maker. She makes books and zines as a means of learning new things and working with her hands. Reoccurring themes in her work include space exploration, Pacific Northwest flora and fauna, and food.

National Monument Press
Oakland, CA
National Monument Press is the publishing project of Oakland based artist Zach Clark focused on supporting the investigation and documentation of uniquely American stories through small edition artists’ books, zines, and printed matter, conceived of and completed largely through collaboration with other artists.

Bellingham, WA
Neoglyphic Media is a publisher of comics, art, and visual media, dedicated to publishing and promoting work from unique and visionary artistic innovators.

New Documents
Los Angeles, CA
Artist book publisher, non-profit.

Eureka, CA
NIGHTED (est. 2012) showcases the things that happen when the world's not watching.

Ouroboros Press
Publisher of fine esoteric book arts for libraries and laboratories.

Paper Press Punch
Paper Press Punch is a small, community-focused risograph print studio run by Jessica Hoffman and Justin Quinlan. Our studio offers riso workshops for youth adults, open studio hours, and Zine of the Month Club.

Photoverge Studios
Everett, WA
Photoverge Studios is a small press publishing photobooks and zines as well as books and zines about photography. Founded by virgil.alonso, Photoverge Studios collaborates with photographers around the Pacific Northwest to publish their work.

Seattle, WA / Seaford, NY
playground is a bi-coastal collective leveraging art, design, and publishing to connect with our respective localities while speaking to issues near and dear to our hearts. Our joyful aesthetic illuminates the play and process in how we work; whether it’s scrappy one-offs printed at home or...

PM Press
Oakland, CA
PM Press is an independent publisher of critically necessary books and other media—by radical thinkers, artists, and activists—for our tumultuous times.

pocket press
Portland, OR
We are a couple of pals who like to make artist books and zines ! Working out of one of our members’ kitchen (the ideal place for a risograph duplicator) or the community studio we volunteer in, we love to learn through making and have a special love for letterpress and risograph printing. Our books and zines are...

I first published zines / art books back the mid 90's and got inspired to start doing so again after visiting the Seattle Art Book Fair in 2023. My publications are labor intensive , graphic/image heavy & hand crafted.

A. T. Pratt
New York City
I am a multidisciplinary writer, artist, self-publisher and professor born, raised, living and working in New York City. I have been self-publishing my comics and zines since 2010, my freshman year of college at Rhode Island School of Design. While still in college I began experimenting with...

PrintED Studio 印得物工作室
Dalian, China
Founded in 2023, PrintED Studio is an independent graphic design studio with studios in Chicago and Dalian, China. With an emphasis on printed matter, we design and execute publications, visual identities, websites, packaging design, apparel and photography for clients in very diverse fields....

Raspberry Bow Press
Edison, WA
A collaboration between Michelle Gale and Tim Hubner, with experience in editorial, book-making, and design, Raspberry Bow Press publishes books and zines focusing on regional authors and artists with an emphasis on women and food. We print most of our books in our studio in Skagit Valley, WA, using a Risograph GR3750.

Erika Rier
Portland, OR
I’ve been creating zines for over 30 years since I was a teenager. In my 20s I started making artist books and now I’m making a hybrid of the 2. My publications feature lush illustration, hand-cut pages, fold-out pages, and sometimes even pop-up pages. My subject matter spans from absurdist humor through to exploring current events through the lens of metaphor.

Albuquerque, NM
At Risolana, we move to cultivate a vibrant community of artists, activists, and storytellers connected to New Mexico. We see power in printmaking as a tool for community dialogue where personal and collective expression meet. At Risolana we prioritize our community by teaching the process and uses of the risograph over simply providing printing services and...

RITE Editions
San Francisco, CA
RITE Editions was co-founded in 2007 by Robin Wright with the intent of commissioning artists to make limited edition publications. To date, 30 editions including artist's books, multiples and special editions have been made. RITE Editions are often published in collaboration with galleries, museums and art centers.

Jaklin Romine
Pasadena, CA
There are three cohesive areas to my practice: idea creation, working in collaboration with art production assistants, and performance. Within this dual role as artist and director, I found that the ability to formulate ideas and execute them is not limited to socially-constructed ideas of disability. I am in physical transition, and thus, wanted to create art that hovers within multiple art practices.

self image and inward spirals explored through analog collages, zines, and mobiles.

Set Margins’
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Creatively applying the cultural politics of content, form, and style whilst critically disseminating a marginal cultural agenda, Set Margins’ mobilizes community, articulates qualities to widen support, and steps up for liberties....

Siempre Snack Time & Slow Nights Studio
Un lugar para crear, crecer, florecer y hacer amigues: a place to learn grow and make friends. Siempre Snack Time and Slow Nights Studio are two buddies sharing a tablecloth to bring you drawings, photographs, prints, stickers and other goods from our imagination.

Skylark Editions
Chicago, IL
SKYLARK EDITIONS is a non-profit publishing project based in Chicago that provides a platform for the creation and distribution of innovative photo books by emerging and established artists.

Snack Break Studio
We are a two-person collective producing both independently published books and collaborative works. We've exhibited separately and together at zinefests (Olympia Zine Fest, SF Zine Fest, VanCAF), and run several multi-artist collaborative projects. We acquired a...

Sybil Press
San Antonio, TX
Sybil Press is a small print press specializing in handmade print content such as artist books, zines, limited edition illustrations, & other experimental subject matter. Drawn to complex works of radical politics, existentialism, media theory &...

Temporary Services / Half Letter Press
Chicago, IL / Fort Wayne, IN
Half Letter Press is a publishing imprint and online store initiated by Temporary Services. Temporary Services is Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer. We have made publications as an element of our collaborative work since 1998. As Temporary Services, we have made over 125 publications. At book fairs we also...

Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson is a photographer and filmmaker in his hometown of Seattle. His latest photo book is Curveball Karaoke, which features portraits of karaoke singers at Lottie’s in Columbia City, and he has other books, zines, and...

Tiny Splendor
Berkeley, CA
Tiny Splendor was created in 2012 by friends obsessed with finding tiny but resplendent ways to share our and our friends' artwork through ink on paper. We've since grown into an LA studio and a Berkeley studio, collaborating with visual artists we admire from all over to produce editions of zines, books, and prints. We enjoy finding...

Track and Field
Austin, TX / Washington, DC
Track and Field is a collaborative publishing initiative from Marc Choi and Dimitry Tetin, graphic designers and educators from Washington, D.C. and Austin, respectively. As first-generation immigrants (South Korea and South Ukraine), Marc and Dimitry are interested in exploring the relationships among personal, public and geographic histories within...

UW Division of Design
UW Division of Design promotes a collaborative, diverse, and pragmatic approach to design. Through their education, students practice design thinking to solve real-world problems. Senior year students in Visual Communication take a Publication Design course, exploring multi-page layouts and bookbinding practices. The culmination is...

Wave Books
Wave Books is an independent poetry press based in Seattle and New York, dedicated to publishing exceptional contemporary poetry, poetry in translation, and writing by poets. Wave is deeply invested in the book as a physical object. In this spirit, all of Wave's titles are designed by the artist Jeff Clark, with a focus on...

Carletta Carrington Wilson
Through poetry, artist books, zines, mixed-media collage and installations, Carletta Carrington Wilson’s works mirror the melding of language and form. For Wilson, language is a visual medium, one by which...

Winter texts
Port Townsend, WA
I run a small publishing practice dedicated to making odd and meaningful books that move through all the various streams of bookselling/gifting. I've made a bit of everything from zines to 1-of-1 art books, chapbook series to trade editions.

Phoenix, AZ
Wonderfolio is a vibrant celebration of art books and zines. From oil pastel and photography to poetry and paper weaving, all media finds their home full of wonder in these folios.

Ray Zill
Olympia, WA
Ray Zill is a poet, printmaker, and photographer utilizing analog and alternative processes to create artist books, zines, broadsides, and printed objects. Her current work focuses on literacy, print disability, and vision loss. Ray publishes under the name Poet Ray Prints, a press she...

Zine Hug
Zine Hug publishes zines, comics, art books, and animation in Seattle, WA and is run by Alex Barsky and Zack Lydon. We publish our own work and collaborate with artists interested in creating narratives through drawings. We use a risograph printer and bind all books by hand.

Los Angeles, CA
Zines4Queers is an LA based, queer Black zine collective. They are part publisher, press and distro, and are comprised of creator Julie aka Irie Ingenue and co-founder Oumou of @ConnectwithOumou. Z4Q is passionate about amplifying marginalized voices through DIY publishing, and hosted the inaugural Black Zine Fest in Feb 2024!


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